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Your space requires its own unique set of needs.  The best design is done considering your space in its entirety, as a whole.  Details such as coordinating spatial considerations with function, being mindful of scale, as well as thoughtfully bringing in the right colors, textures, textiles, furniture, flooring, tile, wall, and window treatments need to be carefully considered together.

L&L will first schedule a consultation* to listen to your desires and assess the property/plans.  After our meeting, we will quote your custom curated design plan to fit your needs.

L&L can be as involved as you’d like in implementing and executing the design, so you don’t have to lift a finger.  We even finish by accessorizing your space to give your home that ‘finished’ feeling everyone strives for.

*Consultations are $75/hr.  Projects are then quoted after space has been evaluated.  If the client is not changing anything in the home and simply needs paint color, final accessorizing, or art, we can schedule these consultation services hourly.


Long Distance Location | Basic Hourly DIY Design Q&A | Small Room Refresh

Our virtual design service allows us to serve anyone outside our region as well as offer basic hourly design Q&A’s.

If you’ve wondered what type of art to hang, and how high, how big of a rug to buy, what accent colors to try, how to decorate your mantel, best furniture arrangement…whatever your burning design questions are, write them down, and submit them for us to tackle hourly.

For small rooms, with no demos, you’ll receive an online sourcebook with links to shop from.  If any renderings are needed, we will provide full instructions to give you the confidence you need to tackle your project.  Pricing depends on the needs of the space.  Individual items and lists of questions can be sourced hourly.  Full plans for small rooms start around 8 hours


While furniture, textiles, and colors showcase your style, it’s your walls that speak your story and personality.  Our A+F service offers custom picture framing across the midwest.  We come to you and help you assess your wall space.  Our team of artisans then handcraft you moulding & matting to transition ANY piece of art into your home. If it tells your story, we can frame it!  Photographs, posters, family heirlooms, awards, memorabilia, objects, shadowboxes the possibilities are limitless.