Awhile ago I mentioned a deeply personal gift I got my hubby for our anniversary.  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d share this unique gift with you.

Below is an abstract canvas by “Voice Art Gallery”.  
Just like thumbprints, each of us has our own unique voice and when viewed in sound waves no two are alike.
Voice Art Gallery has put this into a beautiful work of art.  You can record and upload anything…a baby’s first heartbeat,  sing a song, read a poem, you name it!  You can even customize the size, color & frame.
So how do you read it?  Each print comes with a certificate/link you can even get a QR code that your iPhone can scan and it will play your recording!
Sorry folks, I’ll never share what my message was, but you can see it framed below!

To learn more, make your own or visit the friendly staff at: