Something happened at the grocery store this morning. Something that never happens… A woman approached me to tell me “Wow, that one (pointing at my son, Isaac), is a spitting image of you!” I NEVER hear that. Even *I* honestly see Jason (my husband) in him. All my kids really. There are glimpses of me…but they certainly favor Daddy.
This made me think-why does it make us warm and fuzzy when our children look like us? My response to the woman was “Awe, Thank you”. What does that reply even mean!? (chuckle!) I don’t think it’s just a polite response of good manners…did I say “thank you” because my son is such a sweetheart, that it’s a compliment to me, or I’m flattered because a part of my self-loving features have been passed on to live into another generation? NOPE- HAHA! Maybe it’s the getting credit factor… “I carried you, I made you, where’s my proof?!” What is that?! haha–It’s true though. We all like to hear that our children look like us. Wouldn’t you agree? Mom’s are always posting images of their own baby pics to hold up against their children’s. People are deeply flattered when their namesake is given to a relative, or when you study a family-line and find that you look like someone in your family history. There’s something in the ‘image-likeness’. Something that’s deep down inside…something that shows a since of love and deep belonging when we look alike.
Genesis 1:27 reads: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”
This was the first thing I thought of on my drive home…when we read that verse we can often get hung up on the simple perspective of “what does God look like?”, ….but dig a little deeper and now I’m realizing that He told us this in Genesis. The very beginning of the Bible. He instilled from the start something tangible that we can relate to. We can grasp that our love for our children is deep. So deep, that we desire to “see ourselves” in each other! Just as I’m flattered when my children do something good when they are away from me, or when they excel in a hobby/gift I also enjoy…or even the rare occasion that someone sees something of me in them…I believe God is pleased when we reflect His Goodness. He made us to do certain things He placed in front of us, and when we do them well and from a Godly perspective…it’s our way of reflecting our Maker.
This means God is showing us early in text (the moment he mentions us) that He loves us! So deeply that he made us to reflect Himself. We were made as a visual representation of God…He not only gives, provides for our needs, (in the following verses) but He has that same deep desire to be seen in His children. As we “multiply” that same desire of belonging is still instilled in us after all this time. Generation after generation…we all want to know that we ‘belong’ and it all stems back to here to God, in His image, in the beginning. How’s THAT for IDENTITY! Wow.