So I’m doing some “website editing” (fun, fun *sarcasm*), and felt this post was more of a blog-style and thought I’d keep/move it over here–enjoy!

Ever wonder why you bring home several paint swatches from the paint store only to find that none of them look the way you thought they would?

While part of the reason is lighting, the main key factor is color memory. It is obvious that you can’t recall details of your bedroom with your eyes closed, the same as if you could if you were in the actual space. Color memory is very limited, even for the trained eye. Research from “eyewitness” visual experts, shows that we view colors in 11 categories. (white, black, grey, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, purple, & pink). Because of this, we tend to have a very hard time distinguishing colors between each category by memory.
For instance, in your memory, try to identify the color of a stop sign…
Which one of these would you say is it? 

The official Pantone color for our stop signs is actually Pantone Red 187, which is the color you will find in image number seven. Did you get it right? Strange how you can see something every day, but still not recall it perfectly.

For one more example, try to match the infamous McDonald’s Golden Arches to your memory, which one do you think is correct?  

 The official Pantone color for McDonalds is actually Pantone 123, which you will find in image number one. How did you do with this one?

With so many colors to choose from, and such affordable services, you’ll want to make sure you have us bring all the paint samples to your interior so we can help you properly identify your perfect hue.