I’ve never really considered myself ‘crafy’.  Creative and artistic, sure, but crafty…not so much.  I don’t really have the patience to sit and scrapbook, cut & glue things with precision…just not my thing.  However, I do always have scrapbook paper on hand.  It seems I always find a different purpose for it.  I’ve used them for place mats at parties, as gift card holders, and now the most recent repurpose I learned….is using decorative papers for a finishing touch on gift wrapping!
Below are images of two gifts I just wrapped.  Want to learn how to make the paper roses? (Gosh, that sounds crafty doesn’t it!) Just scroll down.  They are easy, anyone can do it!

Rose Instructions:

First, draw a spiral.  Doesn’t have to be perfect…just give yourself a rough guide…(draw on the back of the decorative paper)
Next, use your drawing as a guide & cut following the lines.  You can even cut jagged to give the edges a scalloped look.

Start with the outer edge & tightly roll so that the decorative print is on the inside of your roll.  I try to keep the bottom of the roll straight.  It will spring out a little 1/2 way through & that is fine.

When you get to the center of the spiral, that naturally becomes the base of the rose.  Put a little glue in there & twist the rose until you are happy with the way it looks.  The center of the rose will be more recessed in & you’ll want to almost crunch the paper down with your fingers so it’ll set with the glue. 
Try it…even without glue.  If you have a little girl, make one with her, my daughter loves them! 😉