“You have to live spherically in many directions, with childish enthusiasm.”

Ah, don’t you just love the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”?  There are a few quotes from that flick which are always floating around in my brain.  As a designer I feel you kinda have to ‘live spherically’.  You may be shopping for a sofa for a certain client & find the perfect lamp for another project…your mind just has to constantly be open to inspiration all around you. 

Another quote I appreciate is, Pick one room and make it yours.  Go slowly through the house.  Be polite; introduce yourself, so it can introduce itself to you.

Often when I’m in a client’s home, they want to know how I can fix EVERY room in their home at the same time.  Some homes this is great, we tackle everything & move on from one project to the next.  But if you find you are the type of person that gets overwhelmed easily, I think it is best to “Pick one room & make it yours’…otherwise you may end up frustrated with many unfinished rooms. A finished room will help motivate you to tackle the remaining rooms, just take your time ~ after all designing your home should be FUN!   

So, why am I sharing my love for “Under the Tuscan Sun”?  It’s because I just learned that Bramasole is a real place.  A place you can rent on vacation in Italy!  Who knew?!

The real Bramasole is heavenly, with far more amenities than were revealed in the film.  Maybe one day I’ll be well off enough to rent it…until then, I’m left to dream….check it out:

From the movie
It appears there are two structures to the real villa, both are amazing!

I can just see myself in this place….?

Here is the link to the website, should you happen to be vacationing in Italy soon & be in the market for a fantastic villa to rent. 🙂 
“What are four walls, anyway? They are what they contain. The house protects the dreamer. Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game. It’s such a surprise.”