So, what do we mean by ‘approachable design’?

We believe that the modern role of interior designers has changed from its historical beginnings.  Homeowners today have so many resources at their fingertips. 
We acknowledge and appreciate what you, the homeowner, have learned through television, magazines & the internet.  By understanding and respecting the perspective you bring to the table, we work with you to lend a hand in the areas you feel you need assistance in.

We are not a traditional design ‘firm’, and our owners names aren’t contained within our business title for a reason.  The styles we create for you are not imitations of our own personalities, but rather that of you, our client.  Lintels & Lallies aims to be approachable in every way possible to serve your needs.  While we do believe a home should be a balanced functional place, it is most important that it reflect you & your family.  We do not ‘push’ our visions, but rather gently guide you in the right direction in areas of question.  Interior design shouldn’t be intimidating – it should be a fun experience from start to finish.  So, let’s work together to make your vision reality!  Call today for your free consultation.