Design |dih-zahyn| noun

Design is a part of the communication arts.  Design is the vision, creation, and implementation of a purposeful plan.  It communicates to the viewer a visual and emotional message which is often felt before it is understood.     


Barbara Ann is the founder, owner, and lead designer of both Lintels & Lallies and Art+Framing (a division of L&L offering custom frames).  Barbara Ann believes every good design begins on the foundation of God our Creator, and the study of His designs and desires for our homes.  Barbara Ann speaks and writes about such topics through various platforms.


Lintels & Lallies collaborates with a diverse group of residential clients, non-for-profit entities, and corporate businesses.  For over ten years, Barbara Ann has led visions for countless remodels, church constructions, offices, spas, and many other unique spaces. For a full list of services, click here.

L&L’s designs have been featured in various publications, and have won numerous awards on a platform of over 40 million monthly unique users.  See what others have to say about L&L here.


Finding inspiration in unlikely places led Barbara to the name ‘Lintels & Lallies’.  The name came from the movie, ‘Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House’.

“It’s a name that brings a smile to my face.  There is a humorous scene in the movie where the main character (played by Carry Grant) is asked a question he knows nothing about, and his response, well, you can watch it for yourself right here: video clip.  New construction can be overwhelming…and without guidance, sometimes frustrating.  Our goal is to come alongside our clients and serve their needs–and make it an enjoyable experience.

In short, my business name derives from the architectural terms used to construct the support for doorways and foundations.  Lintels are the headers that support your doorway opening.  Lallies are the verticle columns that give structural support — usually for beams to footings.  

Our team looks beyond the surface of design with our clients.  We pray over each home and family’s needs.  We design beautiful spaces because our company is built on the solid foundation of  Biblical studies and truths that aren’t always seen with our eyes.  The name, ‘Lintels & Lallies’ is our reminder to seek beyond what you see quickly with the eye to find the best design.  Knowing our foundation is built on Christ, and He is the doorway to life, we are supplied with endless possibilities of creativity from above.” -Barbara Ann


Kim Kandell is the assistant designer at Lintels & Lallies. Her energy and enthusiasm for design is evident in her work. Kim teams with Barbara Ann on most every job that comes in. Her passion and love of studying God’s designs make her a perfect fit for this team!

“It brings me great joy to help people realize the beauty and potential that design brings to their home.” – Kim

Jason Holmes wears many hats for Lintels & Lallies. He manages all the behind the scenes work from editing and accounting to being a sounding board. He also visits job-sites, and occasionally helps with final installs. As the husband of Barbara Ann, he is her biggest supporter.