“Barbara provided color consultations for my living room, dining room, kitchen, main bathroom, laundry room, baby’s nursery, toddler’s room, master bedroom, master bathroom and basement.  I don’t have a lot of spare time and the thought of going back and forth to the store selecting possible colors seemed very daunting.  Barbara was able to come over with her color swatches, and in no time at all, select great colors for all of these rooms.  Once she suggested colors, I was able to see the pros of those shades but probably would not have gotten there on my own.  Barbara was effecient, knowledgable and a great assistance while choosing colors for my home.
Barbara helped design an entryway focal point for my home.  She designed a three by three mirror display, gave suggestions for things to look for in an entryway table and assisted in picking out lamps, frames and decorative pieces for the table.  She also gave suggestions for artwork for my living room and dining room and she helped decorate the space above my kitchen cabinets.  It was much appreciated to get ideas from someone with an eye for decorating.  I love all the aspects she assisted with.”
~Sara Torres

“Barbara assisted me with planning a baby shower and a bachelorette party.  She also planned my bachelorette party as well.  The themes and designs were very creative and unique.  I felt that she paid attention to detail and the decorations and ideas really made the parties special and memorable.

I wanted Barbara to help me with my parties because of her creative ideas and great sense of style.  She has a gift for coming up with the right vision and putting that vision into action.  She is great at picking colors/designs to help accent the theme of any party.  I especially liked her design for the bachorette party that we planned.  She came up with the twilight theme and used various shades of red, black, and white to create a beautiful atmosphere.  Candles and decorative vases also helped to complete the look.

Barbara is an extremely creative person.  She can always be counted on to put forth her best effort to make your vision for a party come to life.  She is dedicated to her work and you will love the results.”

~Laura Wozniak


“Barbara painted a triptych painting for me.  I don’t have a creative eye at all, that is why I got in touch with her!!  She is multi talented and does wonderful work!!!”

~Amanda Mckenzie


“Really do appreciate your help and your trained eye on so many decorating issues, I really loved the frame and matting you designed for the watercolor and I can’t wait for my husband to see it!”

-Diane Pohl Minott-